Monday, September 27, 2010

Flora is in a blog!

Thanks to Madeline, who put Flora's picture in a really cute collection of fox things from Etsy! You can see it here.

In other news, last night we got an order for FOUR woodland creatures! At once! They're excited to go to their new home en masse. But first things first: we have to finish them.

In still other news, we have as much new fabric as our hearts could desire. We got some scraps of organic cotton and organic hemp from Rose of Conscious Clothing, an etsy seller who makes beautiful hand-dyed garments. Rose is getting a fox as a barter. And we have to tell you, internet, we thought the "scraps" would be little pieces that we could maybe get a couple animals out of if we were lucky. But we actually got a really exciting box with the equivalent of perhaps 12 or 15 fat quarters, which is too small for clothing but plenty big enough for one or two animals each. So that is awesome and will bring a little variety to the animals, because each piece is a slightly different color. And the textures are really classy. We already cut out two Catalinas and are in the process of sewing them up.

But internet, that's just the tip of the fabric iceberg--fabberg?--because we are getting TWENTY YARDS of colorful fabric from our new friend Marla of WrenWillow. Marla dyes and screen-prints (beautiful!) t-shirts all the time, so she is really good at choosing nice colors and then making them exist in her washing machine. We sent our undyed organic cotton to her, and she has been making woodland animal colors over the past week or so. And soon we are getting the giant package. Which will be enough for about 200 animals. It boggles the mind.

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