Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Updates

We finished the four-animal order this morning and sent it off. Also we sent a Mortimer to Australia. It's amazing how very far and wide these animals are traveling.

We have new business cards! We got them from Vistaprint. This is the image on their fronts. It's an old nature illustration but it looks uncannily like our village meadow home. In case you were wondering what it looked like. The cards are almost blank on the back, they just have our URL on the bottom. So we can write messages of any kind on the back, or use them as gift tags, etc. Also a nice thing about them is their matte finish. The card stock doesn't have any coating at all, so they're easy to write or stamp on.

Casey is in fact taking our portraits! We're excited. As soon as our new fabric comes in the mail, we will form a small community of ourselves and travel to Casey's house. We hope to leave on this excursion next Wednesday.

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